Fast and friendly car servicing, MOTs and repair service in Maidenhead

Whatever the make or model of your car, Six Bay is your one stop-shop for car servicing, MOT s and repairs. Come along to our workshop in Maidenhead, you'll find we're a friendly and skilled team of mechanics. We can help you with any aspect of your car: from tyre and windscreen replacement to body and paint work.

Think about your last experience with a garage:

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  • Were you in control of your spending?
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  • Did you feel a valued customer?
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  • Were you treated with respect?
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  • Were you invited to see what work had been done?
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  • Were you able to talk directly to the engineer?
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  • Was your engineer qualified?
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  • Did they make you want to come back?
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Six Bay will tick all these boxes and more.

Car servicing with a service you'll remember

We know that you want to trust your mechanic, to have confidence that not a single minute is spent on your car that didn't have to be. With Six Bay you'll have just that; nothing is hidden and there are no surprises. You'll even be able to speak directly to one of our engineers, who will take the time to explain everything to you.

We want you to come back to us, so it's simply smart business to keep your bill down to a minimum.

It's this level of service that separates us from most garages, and it's why we hope you'll choose Six Bay for all your vehicle repair and car servicing needs.

For car servicing and repair you can trust, call Six Bay today on 01628 782 818

Call us on 01628 782818

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am-5.30pm

Recovery truck is now available - Call us on 01628 782818

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Customer Testimonials

Derrick Smart writes...

After the car is a few years old going to the main dealer for repair you have to get a mortgage out, but with Andy and his team you get honest friendly advice...

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